Marketing and publishing for any media, market or budget.

Inbound and outbound marketing campaigns promoting what your business does best!

Media Mark works specifically for small business interests.

We specialize in working with business owners to compete locally, and on the world wide web!

Collaboration runs as deep as a client desires. We provide expertise and direction in production and publishing, so you can focus on running your business.

Our collaborative focus and commitment to each clients needs is what sets us apart.

Monthly metric reports with comprehensive analysis provide real time campaign qualification, to manage and adjust results based on real time data.

Media Mark produces and maintains effective publishing tools to compete locally and on the world wide web!

Our methods include targeted campaigns through segmented analysis and qualifying consumer behavior.

Developing a strategy specific to your company is key to success. Every business is different. A variety of tactics are necessary to hit the right people in the right way. Your strategy should be defined by how your users behave.

Some businesses rely primarily on inbound tactics to drive qualified leads, sprinkling outbound tactics as needed. Some businesses build success solely using outbound tactics.

Our marketing plans are built to perform at the highest level of Return On Investment, on any budget!

If you have a marketing budget we will increase your ROI!

Media Mark assess and analyzes your needs, defines goals, outlines objectives, qualifies target audiences, and consults on the best strategies within a company’s budget.

Some businesses come to us with a marketing plan in place, others come to us with no marketing plan at all.

We help navigate what’s best for your budget, define and implement campaigns, produce content and maintain publishing schedules.

We work in collaboration with owners and managers as consultant and content producer for graphic design, copy writing, blog writing, social media marketing, video producer and photographer.

SEO is inclusive in everything we do!

Helping small business compete with big business since 2010.