Blog Marketing for SEO

Blog Marketing is one of the most effective strategies a small business website can employ. Every blog post becomes a new page on your website as fresh content for search bots to index for page rank!

Blog sites are critical to inbound marketing as a hub is to spokes on a wheel!

Through targeted posts, blogs provide highways of key words and back-links to your website.

Writing a blog promotes expertise, and engages readers with informative, insightful, and educational content to build and maintain a loyal customer base.

Blogging is an effective tool to improve click-to-sales conversion and retention rates.

Professional writers stay updated on SEO and SEM algorithms, to properly optimize blogs, websites, and landing pages.

Media Mark writes, posts and moderates blogs for small business marketing, from Reno Nevada to the world wide web!

Blog marketing from $325 p/month.

How does someone else write for your brand?

The following applies to blogs and social media moderation.

Discovery, through ongoing interview is a big part of the process.

Management teams schedule thirty minutes a week interviewing with Media Mark to develop topical interest, character and style.

In this way, we create a literal blogosphere of content development to start.

Ongoing interview and data processing is staple to successful blog marketing.

In collaboration and preparation, Media Mark prescribes topics in advance of each weeks interview as agenda.

Agendas are necessarily flexible, but success comes with following defined plans.

Comprehensive digital marketing plans here.

Yours is the final decision on substance and topic.

We plan, write and produce content through direct collaboration with the client.

It is Media Mark’s job to publish on schedule.

It is the client’s job to commit to schedules to assure content and message stays on topic.

We then process and deliver your message, news, products and services as cohesive, targeted, optimized content.

In the event of postponed meetings, Media Mark will publish as directed in agreement contracts.

Blog marketing is highly overlooked as a small business marketing tool.

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