Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provides powerful, contemporary marketing & public relations tools for small business. Social networking combines real time results with authentic peer to peer communication allowing businesses to get to know their customers and prospects in ways that were previously not possible.


Social media marketing is a key ingredient to InBound Marketing!

InBound Marketing incorporates Social Networking as publishing platforms for your brand and business.

It’s been said that “Advertising does not cost, it pays!”

Social media marketing questions and answers this adage hourly with real-time data, providing the means to cost effectively and collaboratively manage publishing, marketing and customer service as public relations instruments.

Social media done right, right here!

In today’s digital enterprise, social media is a powerful tool to reach and interact with customers.

Our plans offer so much more than just content management. Data means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. We do!

Hit your media mark!

So how does someone else effectively write for your brand?

The following applies to both social media and blog moderation!

Discovery…through ongoing interview is a big part of this process.

Business owners and/or management teams schedule thirty minutes a week interviewing with Media Mark to develop topical interest, character and style, creating a literal blogosphere of content development.

Ongoing interview and data processing is a staple of successful social media marketing.

Through collaboration, and in preparation, Media Mark emails prescribed topics in advance of each weeks interview as agenda.

Agendas are necessarily flexible, but it’s hard to be successful without following a defined plan.

Jump start your publishing machine!

Media Mark produces for you. Yours is the final decision on substance and topic.

We plan, write and produce content through direct collaboration with the client.

We submit weekly subject matter to meet publishing deadlines. It is Media Mark’s job to publish on schedule. It is the client’s job to commit to a defined schedule and collaborate to assure your content and messages stay on topic.

We then process and deliver your information, news, products and services conveying company philosophy, products and services as cohesive content.

In the event of postponed or cancelled meetings, Media Mark will publish as directed in agreement contract.

Social media marketing for small business done right!

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